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  6 Packs of The Guild Trading Cards

6 Packs; 5 Collectible Cards Per Pack
Our Price: $21.00
Brand: The Guild

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THE GUILD, an award-winning web series that we gamers and hobby fans can truly identify with, is now collectible! Follow the Knights of Good through the first three seasons of the show, starting with Zaboo popping up on Codex's door and wrapping-up with the epic duel to the digital death between the Knights of Good and the Axis of Anarchy. Sixty-three cards composed of the most screenshot-spamworthy moments of the show make up the base set. Track down the nine-card chase set, and loot both autographs and memorabilia from the cast. Go on a pack-cracking frenzy this Fall with The Guild trading cards!

Packs: 6
$3.50 per pack MSRP
Base set: 63 Cards Chase Sets: One 9-card chase set and one 6-card chase set. Inserts: Autographs and Memorabilia Autograph and memorabilia cards feature the CZE hologram to guarantee authenticity.