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  Worldbreaker Epic Collection

Includes 6 Worldbreaker Booster Packs
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Brand: World of Warcraft

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The World of Warcraft Trading Card Game enters its fifth year with World of Warcraft ® Cataclysm content. Worgen and Goblin factions are allying with the Alliance and Horde respectively, and you'll be able to align with the Dragonkin. Races discover new powers as Blood Elves take up the Warrior mantle and Dwarves master the slinging of Mage spells. Master Heroes Ysera and Alexstraza make perfect additions to those preparing for Deathwing's return.

New Loots include a reskin of the Blizzard store's Lil XT, Spooky Campfire, and Mottled Drake! With all those cards and improved gameplay rules to streamline the player experience, Worldbreaker is guaranteed to shake things up in the World of Warcraft TCG!

You returned home only to find your world torn asunder. As you cannot even rely upon solid ground for safety, you best be prepared for anything.  Worldbreaker Epic Collection has what you need to protect your cards from the chaos.

Each Epic Collection guarantees your online character a Landro's Lil XT pet, in addition to all the real-life goodies. Just don't tell your online character everything you got in the deal. They might get jealous!

Set 1 of 3 in the Worldbreaker Block
6 Worldbreaker Booster Packs 1 Worldbreaker Playmat and Deckbox featuring Goblin and Worgen races Collectible storage box with class dividers 1 Landro's Lil' XT Loot card Worldbreaker visual pocket guide 5 random foil Worldbreaker heroes