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  Crown of the Heavens Booster Display

15 Game Cards Per Pack 36 Packs Per Box
Our Price: $143.64
Brand: World of Warcraft

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Product Code: WOWTCG17

Gather around Nordrassil and see your future. Are you ready to smash with Ogres? Heal the cracked land with Dryads? Corrupt everything with Demons? Climb the Crown of the Heavens and find your destiny!

Monster fans can find three new featured races for their World of Warcraft® Trading Card Game Monster deck! Demons, Dryads, and Ogres are waiting for you to embrace your inner monster and add them to your favorite deck. Horde and Alliance fans will find plenty of allies to join their party as well. If you thought the allies in Throne of the Tides were massive, you haven't seen anything yet! And how will you get those allies into play? You'll find the new keyword Harmonize helps you recruit those massive allies at an epic discount!

Three new World of Warcraft® Trading Card Game Loot cards give your players some of the rarest cosmetic upgrades in the entirety of Azeroth! Each Crown of the Heavens pack has a chance to give you the Corrupted Hippogryph mount, Ogre Mage Costume item, and Gregarious Grell pet.

Set 2 of 3 in the Aftermath Block
Release Date: 7 February 2012

36 packs per box; 15 game cards per pack
$3.99 per pack MSRP
Set Size: 198 64 Common 60 Uncommon 24 Hero 60 Rare 10 Epic